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Toddler Art Class: Blue is the color, the color of the day!

Use blueberries to introduce the color blue to your Toddlers'. HoppArt offers Toddler Art Classes to the Wilson County Texas area.
Blueberries are a fun way to introduce the color blue!

HoppArt's Lil Hopps Toddler Art Class has been exploring the color BLUE. I found some really great children's books to compliment the lesson, and I had to share them! Below is a snippet of a BLUE lesson plan and some amazing books.

Toddler Art Class Lesson Plan: Exploring the Color Blue with Toddlers

Objective: Introduce toddlers to the color blue.

Activity 1: Storytime (10 minutes)

Read the selected books that emphasize the color blue. Engage the children by asking questions about the illustrations and encouraging them to point out blue objects.

Example Questions:

  • "Can you find something blue on this page?"

  • "What do you see that's blue?"

Activity 2: Blue Art Exploration

  1. Set up an art station with blue construction paper, crayons, markers, and paint.

  2. Encourage the children to create their own blue-themed artwork.

  • Provide guidance but allow them to explore freely.

  • Talk about different shades of blue and how they can mix colors to create new shades.

  1. Show them how to use blue stickers and stamps to add to their artwork.

Blue Books

Toddler Art Classes can learn about the color blue through children's books and art activities.

Blue Penguin - This is the sweetest book about a little blue penguin who doesn't fit in, but he's creativity gives voice to what makes him beautiful! *favorite


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