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Discovering the Heart of Home: Creative Exploration at Lil’ Hopps Toddler Art Classes

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The goal of Lil’ Hopps Art Classes is to explore and dig deeper into specific themes or topics. This past week, we explored the difference between a house and a home. In short, a house is just a building with walls and a roof, but a home is where you feel loved and happy. It's where your family is, where you have fun, and where you feel safe. A house is just some walls and a roof, but a home? That's the special place filled with love, family, and all the little things that make you happy. Every home is totally unique, this difference helps us see how unique our homes really are.

This lesson featured the beautifully written and illustrated book: Home by Carson Ellis

We discovered "home" in all sorts of artistic ways:

1. Building Homes with Wooden Blocks a Toddler Art Class Staple

The classic toy box favorite! Kids went into architect mode, using blocks to construct and decorate their dream homes from the ground up. Wooden blocks are the most basic but important toy of childhood! Students used different blocks to build homes, which is ultimately a fun and creative way for kids to learn about structure and design. The blocks also featured letters and important words that we could tie to our home, such as vegetables for our garden or a horse for the stable. Our little artists stacked, arranged, and experimented with different shapes and sizes to create their dream homes. As the teacher, I helped facilitate the conversation and encouraged more storytelling within the building. Furthermore, this activity helps develop fine motor skills and sparks imaginative play.

2. Magna-Tiles Mansions

building with magna-tiles at HoppArt Floresville

Cue the "cli-cli-clicking" as colorful magnetic tiles became windows, doors, and more for pint-sized Frank Lloyd Wrights! Magna-Tiles are perfect for constructing colorful and imaginative homes. Kids can easily connect the magnetic tiles to form walls, roofs, and other features. With our art classes, this hands-on activity encourages spatial awareness and problem-solving skills, making it a fantastic way to explore architecture and creativity.

3. Cupstruction Zones: Building Homes with Cups

Who needs expensive supplies for toddler art classes? We turned ordinary cups into incredible cup-structures, stacking and balancing to make sturdy roofs and wacky walls. Then came the best part - demolition! Creating homes with cups is an exciting challenge that lets kids think outside the box. By stacking and arranging cups, they can design unique and sturdy structures. This activity promotes teamwork and critical thinking as kids figure out how to balance and support their creations. Bonus! When it’s time to clean up, knocking the cups down is pure joy!

Toddlers building with plastic cups, art courses for toddlers wilson county, texas

4. Paper, Scissors, Glue:

Using construction paper cut into basic shapes, kids crafted colorful and personalized homes. They cut out doors, windows, and roofs and then assembled them to create unique designs. This activity combines creativity with hands-on learning, helping children understand how individual parts come together to form a whole.

5. Dream it, Draw it:

If they could design the ultimate home with no limits, what would it look like? We dreamt big, putting those imaginative visions onto paper. Taking the paper shapes a step further, by adding drawn details to the artwork, students can explore what makes their home unique. Do they have special decorations, family, animals, a garden, favorite items, etc., that make their house a home?

creating at toddler art class with HoppArt in La Vernia TX

When I was younger, my dream home had three stories and a pool on the second floor with a glass bottom! Through drawing, toddlers expand their motor skills, boost imagination, and articulate their thoughts visually. Through it all, we chatted about what makes a home feel like home - the warmth, the love, the cozy blanket forts!

house vs home toddler art class floresville

At Lil' Hopps Toddler Art Classes, we explore important themes through fun and creativity. Join us and let your imagination run wild! Sign up for our classes and start creating your own unique projects with us. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

At Lil' Hopps, creative exploration is how we playfully discuss meaningful concepts. Join the artistic journey and let your little one's imagination run free! New sessions starting soon.


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