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homeschool art courses with HoppArt

HoppArt Studio Homeschool Art Classes4.2

our approach

Enhance your homeschool experience with HoppArt's homeschool art courses! We blend art history, technique exploration, and hands-on creativity to captivate young learners. Students journey through time, discovering legendary and contemporary artists while falling in love with the creative process. Our flexible schedule offers weekly classes and one-time workshops, fitting seamlessly into your routine. HoppArt provides a social, fun environment where homeschoolers can freely experiment and express themselves.

We customize classes to align with your learning goals, including project-based and art integration lessons. Your child will be immersed in quality art education, learning new techniques and unleashing their imagination. Parents can relax while we contain the creative mess in our studio. Join HoppArt and watch your child's artistic skills flourish in our supportive, inspiring environment. Add a vibrant splash of color to your homeschool journey!

what we offer

Rebecca j. Hopp Founder HoppArt Studio1.2

Meet Lead Instructor

Rebecca j. Hopp

MFA, Art Educator

"My teaching philosophy is centered around process, not end product. Process-based art-making is a way of learning and creating where the focus is on the journey rather than the final result. It's all about the making, which helps the artist develop essential skills and knowledge. Students can think critically, make choices, and learn important social and emotional skills by engaging in process-based creation and integrating art into other subjects, like science and social studies."

empowering education beyond the classroom

Ages 4 - 18

Multi-age learning, from Pre-K through high school students.

Custom Curriculum

Fully adaptable for all skill levels, interests, and educational goals.

Small Class Sizes

Exceptional opportunities for peer collaboration and focused instructor feedback.

Skilled & Seasoned 

Instructor holds highest academic terminal degree in studio art.

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We foster a passion for artistic expression in a vibrant and supportive environment.
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