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​creative educator workshops
with HoppArt

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welcome, educators!

Creative Educators is an innovative professional development series designed to enhance your teaching practices while helping you earn essential CPE hours. This comprehensive workshop series, for Pre-K through High School educators, offers strategies to integrate art across your curriculum, fostering a dynamic learning environment where creativity and core academic subjects intersect.

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Our program incorporates HoppArt's unique approach to art-making, emphasizing the journey of learning and enjoyment through the creative process rather than focusing solely on a polished final product.


We blend historic and contemporary art into subjects like literacy, mathematics, and social studies, providing TEKS-aligned, 21st-century skills building lessons that utilize art inquiry methods to cultivate higher-level cognitive abilities.

Creative Educators workshops feature discussions on diverse artworks and hands-on projects, equipping you with tools for fostering critical thinking and nurturing self-confidence in your students. Join us in this enriching professional development journey to create more vibrant, interdisciplinary learning experiences that celebrate both the process and outcome of creative exploration.

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Meet Lead Instructor

Rebecca j. Hopp

MFA, Art Educator

"My teaching philosophy is centered around process, not end product. Process-based art-making is a way of learning and creating where the focus is on the journey rather than the final result. It's all about the making, which helps the artist develop essential skills and knowledge. Students can think critically, make choices, and learn important social and emotional skills by engaging in process-based creation and integrating art into other subjects, like science and social studies."

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