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How to get your toddler interested in art

Updated: Jul 10

Getting a toddler interested in art can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your child. Here are some tips to spark their interest and foster their creativity:

  • Provide Access to Art Supplies: Set up a designated toddler art space in your home where your child can freely explore and create. Stock this space with child-friendly art supplies such as crayons, washable markers, finger paints, playdough, and safety scissors. Having easy access to these materials will encourage spontaneous art-making.

Toddler art supply indoor and outdoor chalk.
Chalk is great for indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Lead by Example: Show enthusiasm for art and creativity by engaging in artistic activities yourself. Let your toddler see you drawing, painting, or crafting, and invite them to join you. Lead by example and demonstrate different techniques and ways to use art supplies.

  • Encourage Exploration: Allow your toddler to explore art materials and techniques at their own pace. Offer a variety of materials and encourage open-ended play and experimentation. Let them squish, smear, and mix colors to discover the sensory joys of art-making.

  • Provide Inspiration: Introduce your toddler to different forms of art and artists through age-appropriate books, videos, and museum visits. Share picture books with colorful illustrations, watch animated shorts, or visit children's museums with interactive art exhibits. These experiences can inspire their creativity and spark their imagination.

  • Offer Guidance, Not Instruction: Avoid dictating how your toddler should create art or imposing specific outcomes. Instead, offer gentle guidance and encouragement as they explore different materials and techniques. Focus on the process rather than the final product, and celebrate their efforts and creativity.

Holidays are great times to create and celebrate with your toddler.
Celebrate and create with your toddler.

  • Create Together: Set aside dedicated time for art-making with your toddler. Sit down together and create collaborative artworks, such as finger painting, collage, or clay modeling. Encourage conversation and storytelling while you create together, fostering bonding and creativity.

  • Celebrate Their Creations: Display your toddler's artwork prominently in your home to show that you value and appreciate their efforts. Praise their creativity and imagination, and avoid making comparisons or judgments about their artwork. Celebrate each unique creation as a reflection of their individuality.

  • Explore Different Art Activities: Introduce a variety of art activities to keep your toddler engaged and excited about creating. Experiment with painting, drawing, sculpting, collage, printmaking, and sensory play to discover what interests them most.

Use everyday object to create toddler art.

  • Make Art a Daily Ritual: Incorporate art into your daily routine as a fun and relaxing activity. Set aside time each day for art-making, whether it's a quick doodle session before bedtime or a longer art project on the weekends. Consistency will help reinforce your toddler's interest in art.

  • Be Patient and Supportive: Remember that every child is unique and may develop an interest in art at their own pace. Be patient, supportive, and encouraging as your toddler explores their creativity and develops their artistic skills.

Above all, focus on creating a positive and nurturing environment where they feel free to express themselves through art.

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