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art integration & curriculums

Art integration involves the seamless incorporation of artistic elements and practices into academic subjects, such as science, math, history, and language arts, enhancing learning outcomes and fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.

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how does art integration support student learning?

Art Integration offers teachers and homeschool parents a fun way to teach a core subject, or support a student who would benefit from a new learning method to master a challenging topic.

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Meet Lead Instructor

Rebecca j. Hopp

MFA, Art Educator

"My teaching philosophy is centered around process, not end product. Process-based art-making is a way of learning and creating where the focus is on the journey rather than the final result. It's all about the making, which helps the artist develop essential skills and knowledge. Students can think critically, make choices, and learn important social and emotional skills by engaging in process-based creation and integrating art into other subjects, like science and social studies."

With 15+ years of experience, Rebecca has taught all levels of education, from preschool to college and adults.

Recent Art Integration courses have included:


  • Exploration of transportation

  • Delving into the significance of community ancestors

  • Unpacking the complexities of identity and labels

  • Illuminating career paths through portraits

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lessons for pre-K students


Helping little ones explore the joy of making art!

nurturing education
through creativity

Facilitate deeper understanding of concepts, encourage creative thinking, and foster interdisciplinary connections with our courses. 

For questions about Art Integration classes, custom curriculums, lesson plans, or to request more information, contact us at

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