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Summer Art Activities, Fun for All Ages

Updated: Jul 9

DIY summer art activities:

  1. Outdoor Sketching: Take your sketchbook and pencils outside to capture the beauty of nature. Whether you're in your backyard, at a park, or by the beach, find a scenic spot and sketch the landscape, plants, or wildlife around you. The La Vernia Chamber of Commerce Hall has beautiful large trees and is one of my favorite places! Also, I love Helton Park on FM 775 near Floresville, Texas!

  2. Nature Collages: Collect natural materials like leaves, flowers, sticks, and pebbles during a nature walk. Then, use these items to create beautiful collages or assemblage artworks. You can arrange them on paper or a canvas to make unique compositions. Also, check out the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy!

  3. Sun Prints: Create beautiful cyanotype prints using the sun's rays. Place objects or stencils on light-sensitive paper or fabric and expose them to sunlight. After a few minutes, rinse the prints in water to reveal the blue and white designs.

  4. Watercolor Seascapes: Experiment with watercolor paints to create vibrant seascapes. Use various shades of blue and green to paint the sea, and add details like waves, boats, or marine life. Let your imagination flow as you depict tranquil beaches or dynamic ocean scenes.

  5. Rock Painting: This activity is so relaxing and also gets you outside at the beginning and end of the project! Collect smooth rocks from your surroundings and transform them into works of art. Use acrylic paints or paint markers to decorate the rocks with colorful designs, patterns, or inspirational messages. You can then place them in your garden or around your neighborhood to spread joy.

  6. DIY Tie-Dye: Get creative with tie-dyeing techniques to customize your clothing or fabric items. Use rubber bands to create different patterns on T-shirts, tote bags, or bandanas, and experiment with various color combinations to achieve vibrant designs.

  7. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Brighten up your sidewalk or driveway with colorful chalk art. Draw elaborate designs, hopscotch grids, or inspirational quotes to add a playful touch to your outdoor space. Invite friends and family to join in for a collaborative chalk mural.

  8. Paper Plate Masks: Get crafty with paper plates by turning them into imaginative masks. Use paint, markers, feathers, and other craft supplies to decorate the masks in any theme you like—animals, superheroes, or fantastical creatures.

  9. Recycled Art Projects: Challenge yourself to create art from recycled materials found around your home. Turn old newspapers into papier-mâché sculptures, create mosaic artworks using broken tiles or glass, or repurpose cardboard boxes into intricate sculptures or dioramas. Check out the inventions that our campers made at Imagination Camp!

  10. DIY Dreamcatchers: Craft your own dreamcatchers using embroidery hoops, yarn, feathers, and beads. Personalize each dreamcatcher with unique patterns and decorations, and hang them in your room to catch dreams and inspire creativity.

HoppArt (of La Vernia Texas) Camp students display their artwork, inventions and sculptures.
HoppArt campers display their artwork, inventions, and sculptures from their fun filled week at camp!

These DIY summer art activities are not only fun and creative but also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and express yourself artistically.


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