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Today, First Day of School!

What. An. Amazing. Day! These kids are a dream and are helping me live my dream! I'm so so thrilled to be here I can't even put it into words. This morning after a crepe like breakfast we piled into a van, picked up students, and got to the school to set up. There were 14 students waiting for Trevor and I! We attempted to learn their names, photographed each one and got started with the Literacy Through Photography curriculum. The students are teenagers, the most well behaved students I have ever encountered.

Today we learned how the elements of photography, created paper cameras, did brain drain intro videos and photographed the school. They seemed to pick things up so quickly, they are all very smart and well spoken. But they are quiet! I wonder how they view me as I talk loudly when I teach! Each student has such a wonderfully unique personality, I'm excited to get to know each of them better as I spend the next two weeks with them.

The paper camera activity was especially fun, I hope that they make paper cameras and share this idea with their friends. Through the paper cameras they really grasped the idea of perspectives and close-up vs wide angle. There were several times through out the day that I had to hold back from joys of tears! Seriously, what an amazing thing that I am blessed to do, sharing this with these refugee students! Their viewpoint is so valueable!

We did basic brain drains with the students about themselves, their community, and their families. Some students were very shy others had lots to say. I'm thrilled to share these videos soon! I loved hearing about their dreams of being doctors, lawyers, teachers and typists! They are all so smart!

They took the cameras very easily and we started photographing the school, I hope in the next couple of days we can continue to photograph the actual school as it has such beautiful light, paintings, graffiti and lots of character!

After the Americans returned from lunch, we did a bit of writing. I prompted them to write about their school experience. No hesitation, no refusal, they wrote for 45 mins. Their handwriting is stunning and their stories are very sweet.

We sent cameras home this afternoon, in hopes of capturing their community! I can't wait to see what they accomplish the next two weeks!

Please also don't forget, if you are able, to donate: I'm still working toward my goal!

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