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Sensory Kit Instructions

HoppArt Monster Kit & Polar Bear Kit


Kit includes small parts and is intended for those 4+ years old with adult supervision.


Kit Instructions:

1. Loosen clay by kneading

2. Roll into ball and lightly smash to plate to make base.

3. Shape your monster or polar bear.

4. Accessorize: use the eyes, string, wire etc to create.

5. Repeat with other packet of clay or disassemble and create again.

Create an environment, name, and story for your character.

6. Clay will begin air dry if left unworked for more than 45 mins. Clay takes about 24 hrs to fully dry or set.


REMINDER: There are no rules in art creation! Use supplies to create and explore. Let your child lead the way, process over product!

HoppArt Sensory Kits


*Kit includes small parts and is intended for those 3+ years old with adult supervision.


Sensory kit instructions: Use this portable toy for imagination and tactile learning. Scoop, stir, hide, discover, and create magical stories. Sensory kits can be calming for your child's nervous system. When you need a moment of chill, grab the sensory kit for some quiet playtime.

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