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The Dearth Project

Dearth is a word of many facets. As a whole, it means scarcity or lacking, but by breaking it down you find the words “art” and “earth”. The Dearth Project is true to its name in all facets. It is an artistic expression of the water scarcity issues in the Texas Panhandle. Texas water sources, like playa wetlands and the Ogallala Aquifer, supply critical services for our ecosystems. The life-giving properties of these water sources promote biodiversity in an arid landscape, creating a unique mosaic of plant and animal communities. They also provide the water that we need for personal health and hygiene, as well as our dominant industry – agriculture. Dearth is a collaborative project between scientists and multidisciplinary artists that resulted in an artistic view of water-based research conducted in the Texas Panhandle. By walking the land, investigating research, and conversations with the scientists, the artists created imagery that spoke to their interests, questions, and beliefs concerning these water issues. This is an innovative approach to science communication and is designed to integrate themes of rigorous research, water conservation, and aesthetics. The project challenges Texans to investigate their role in the plight of playa wetlands and the Ogallala Aquifer.


LHUCA Exhibition, May/June 2015 Curated by Rebecca J. Hopp and Jenny Lloyd-Strovas


More information on the project can be found on the Dearth Website.

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