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Hello! Its been a busy few months since I started my job at FotoFest International as the Program Coordinator for Literacy Through Photography.

I am excited to announce that my students as well as many other amazing LTP students will be displaying their work at FotoFinish 2016, our end of the year exhibition. Please join us on May 14th for the celebration reception! More info can be found here. I am a proud teacher and program leader! Hope to see you out supporting LTP.

This summer I will begin work with Juanita Exiga Wyatt on a project called, Coloring Inside the Lines. You can follow our progress on this blog.

Coloring Inside the Lines Statement:

I have no memory of you, yet you are ingrained in who I am. I search for you, my grandmother, the one lost through a generation. I search for our connections and rewrite our history.This collaborative project opens a new area of exploration for artists Rebecca J. Hopp and Juanita Exiga Wyatt. By working together to research our ancestors, we reveal the missing narratives that could go lost if not recovered. Through memories of others and our own imaginations we encounter the unknown, together we will rewrite this portion of our histories.

My Grandmother Margaret with my Uncle Bob. Year?

Together we will wonder, share stories, and envision our connections in order to put color into a black and white life. We propose to explore our biological grandmothers who by different circumstances were never a part of our lives. As our families grow and age, we question who these women were, what was their story, and how, even though unattached, these women shaped who we are. What qualities do we share with them and what qualities will we assign to them. Both roads heading towards the unknown. Yet if not us, who would recover the information, stories, and answer questions. We hope that our audience will be intrigued about our findings and question their unknowns.

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