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Paints I am falling in love with....

Below are some paint that I have recently purchase and loved and some old favorites that I can't live without. Click on the image/link to head directly to Amazon.

Beautiful metallic colors, but opaque, I feel best to mix with a similar color or use as second layer. ABEIER Metallic Acrylic Paint

EXTREME glitter, enough said. Glitter contained in paint is the only glitter one should love! FolkArt Extreme Glitter set

Folk Art Extreme Glitter - single to add to another paint

Posca Paint Markers - less mess more fun

Liquitex Basics - a paint that works well for so many things and has a great shelf life.

Apple Barrel Basic- paint great for simple crafting projects

Finishing touches to keep it all locked in - Krylon Clear Glaze

Please note: As a small business owner, this is a great way to simply support my business. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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